March 4, 2021

Lindsey Elizabeth Bengtson- Wayne Bengston’s Wife

Meet Lindsey Elizabeth Bengtson, she is the wife of Wayne Bengtson who as we all heard killed A rifle Journal host Gregory Rodriguez before he killed himself.

Wayne Bengtson wife Lindsey Bengtson pictures

Lindsey Elizabeth Bengtson works at Proof firearms, it was because of her job that she met Gregory Rodriguez at a trade show and continued to be friends afterwards. When Greg flew to Montana for business he took time to visit Lindsey at her mom’s house in Whitefish.

Lindsey Bengston’s mom was bot home and her two-year-old son Coulter was already sleeping when Lindsey’s estranged husband Wayne arrived.

Gregory and Mrs. Bengtson were drinking wine in the kitchen, Wayne cursed at them and then fired four shot with his .44-caliber revolver hitting Rodriguez in the right leg, shoulder and torso, killing him at the scene.

Wayne didn’t stop there, he hit Lindsey with the gun and then took their son, drove to a relative’s home and then turned the gun on himself.

Lindsey was taken to North Valley Hospital where he was attended for a black eye, swollen lip and other minor concussions.

Lindsey Bengtson began to study in the University of San Diego in 2000, the following year she dropped her studies in San Diego and began working at Glacier Guides and Montana Raft Co. in Montana, then in 2002 she began to study at the University of Colorado Boulder.

In 2003 Mrs. Bengtson graduated  in Environmental Science from the University of Colorado, in 2005 she worked as  a Hydrologic Technician at the U.S Forest Service at Wrangler, Alaska then in 2006 she worked as a research assistant at Flathead Lake Biological Station and two years after that she became a biological Science technician at the U.S Geological Survey.

She go married to Wayne Bengtson in 2009, their son Colter was born the following year.

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One thought on “Lindsey Elizabeth Bengtson- Wayne Bengston’s Wife

  1. Rodriguez deserved it and she deserved the pistol-whipping. it’s called cause and effect. They both had it coming. She was cheating; this affair is not new news, this has been going on for a long time. Nice try with the “business meeting” excuse Lindsey. The truth always reigns.

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