January 20, 2021

Meet: Rosanne Coker – Daniel Radcliffe’s ex Girlfriend (Pictures, photos, Video, Bio)

Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe was seen in New York  holding hands with his British girlfriend the mysterious brunette’s identity remained unknown until now her name is Rosanne Coker.  Check more about Daniel’s girlfriend Roseanne and check their pics and a related video right downRosanne_Cocker_daniel_radcliffe-girlfriend

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22 year-old Daniel Radcliffe is letting the world know who is the girlfriend he talked about recently with whom he is very much in love with her name is Roseanne Coker but her friends called her Rosie,. The news about Ms. Coker  came out long but at that time nobody knew who she was some even believe she was an actress, she is in the industry alright but not acting. Yesterday the news about Daniel and his girlfriend walking in the streets of New York was released nobody knew her name but then the  DailyMail  revealed her name, Rosanne Coker. Here is  just a little biography on her..

22 year-old Rosanne Coker from Surrey also known as Rosie Coker went to Gordon’s School in Woking, Surrey, she met Daniel on 2007 at the Hogwarts film set, according to media Rosanne is a base production assistant on Daniel’s latest movie The Woman In Black and was a runner in some of Harry Potter’s films like Harry Potter and the Half Blooded Prince (base production assistant), Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows Part I and II (Base Runner). Rosanne parents are Malcolm and Gillian Cocker  own a painting an decorating business which her father takes more credit for her mum is a birthday cards designer. Rumors about Daniel and Roseanne getting engaged was released but that was denied by Mr. Coker who just said her son in-law is a great lad and he is happy as long as his daughter is. Roseanne and the famous Harry Potter actor have been dating for a year and they moved in together, so love is in the air from London to NY living together

Recently her beau commented that he was in a relationship and je was very much in love, so I guess we will be seeing more of his new girlfriend Rosanne Coker,  who might not be so new after all they have been dating for a year now do you know some else about her??

Daniel Radcliffe Aug. 18Daniel Radcliffe Aug. 18Daniel Radcliffe Aug. 18Rosanne_Cocker_daniel_radcliffe-girlfriend-photoRosanne_Cocker_daniel_radcliffe-girlfriend-photosRosanne_Cocker_daniel_radcliffe-girlfriend-picRosanne_Cocker_daniel_radcliffe-girlfriend-picsRosanne_Cocker_daniel_radcliffe-girlfriend-pictureRosanne_Cocker_daniel_radcliffe-girlfriend-pictures

63 thoughts on “Meet: Rosanne Coker – Daniel Radcliffe’s ex Girlfriend (Pictures, photos, Video, Bio)


  2. Its awesome that he love someone.i know many girls heart are broken.but u muct think in rightway.he is in love,the girl is also equal to him.just wish that he live happily

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  4. They look so happy – an ordinary story in extraordinary circumstances. Two people meet, connect and fall in love. I am really happy for them – they have known each other since 2007 and worked on The Potter films and The Woman in Black . Who cares what their backgrounds are – he is lucky to have found her and vice versa. Good luck to them both.

  5. Nooo… buaaa.. ok, its now making many time :] I dont think that they’re still together *hope* :]]] There is no more picture of them, just these photos…. (?) 0_0

  6. Shes ugly DANIEL DESERVES BETTER HES MINE! ill show him what a real american woman can do =)

  7. she is sooooooooooooooooooo awesme i thnk daniel deserves this i am happy fr bth of thm wish thm luck fr the rest of their life

  8. obviously youre blind, hence she is very very very ugly! unless she has an angels personality, I dont think she deserves him. and that is final

  9. I love that he doesn’t feel that he deserves a hot superstar girlfriend. Extremely grounded. Successful actors like him who don’t let fame get into their heads are rare and extraordinary. I think it’s the British culture. God bless them and may they live happily ever after! 🙂

    Anyway, on a side comment, his girlfriend is really pretty… but does not have a hot body.

  10. Take a close look at the pictures of her. I’m quite adept at reading people and I can easily see that she is a selfish character determined to get what she wants and has the ability to do so. See how she has squeezed her way in to the lucrative movie industry. She is only after his money and will be entitled to half of it when the divorce comes along. Hopefully Danial will be smart enough to make sure her greed doesn’t get the better of him.

  11. Do you have to be so negative?Really most of the people on here are being horrible.I’m sure Rosie is a nice and awesome person or else Dan wouldn’t be with her….

  12. Actually, he is with her because he is “crap at dating.” She is trying to make him domestic when the only thing domestic about him is that he lives in a house! She is trying to change him, which isn’t supposed to happen if you’re in love with someone. Hopefully, he’ll realize that before he hands over half his stuff!

  13. Oh come on. If we keep acting like this we’re no better than those god awful twilight fans. Grow up people. I’m happy for him!

  14. That’s terrible. If y’all were half the fans you claim to be you’d be supporting him. I am a fan of Daniel, as Harry and any other role he might play. Congrats Dan!!

  15. But Rachel, don’t you find it interesting that between our postings, he has said that he has no intention of getting engaged this year, that it would be mad and/or insane? Don’t you think you know people after a year and a half? He might be using his head on this one.

  16. I hope it’s the best for you, Dan. Im your huggeeeee fan. And i always wish the best for you and your next life. Who will agree with me? And who wants to deny me?

  17. This makes me so happy. They look like such a down to earth couple. Just regular happy people who aren’t overly glamorous. I like her, they are the cutest couple ever.

  18. i went to school with Rosie Coker!! she is sooo lovely , a year below me , such a nice person , beautiful inside and out ! x xx

  19. :(((( im happy and sad, Of course im happy for Dan she is beautiful, because god made her, and i know if im going to be a fan im going to support him, NOT trying to JINX or anything buuuuut,, Who said they will be together FOREVER, I mean, maybe WE’LL meet ONE day 🙂

  20. Will you stop it! You don’t even know the girl and put her down.
    She looks very sweet to me, and sure not somebody that’s after his money.
    Stop making everything so negative in life, not everybody is bad in this world.
    Anyway, I’m sure Dan is smart enough to see if somebody is with him, for love and not his money.

  21. I’m happy somebody feels the same I do.
    I think they look very happy together, and they deserve all the luck in the world.

  22. My foot she’s nice. You don’t give those you love deadlines to fix their domestic skills, and you certainly don’t start a phone conversation with, “just like to start by saying you’re a disgusting human being.” She’s judgmental and rude!

  23. No, she is ugly. Haven’t you heard? Dan’s a believer in “If you want to be happy for the rest of your life, never make a pretty woman your wife.”

  24. I m so sad and happy too i m sad because i wanted to marry Daniel and i m happy because i love Daniel so much true love and if Daniel is happy i m happy too but i must say that my heart is broken.

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