October 20, 2020

PHOTOS: Amanda Rodrigues Gatti- Arturo Gatti’s Wife (Video, Bio)

Canadian/ Italian boxer Arturo Gatti was found death at his hotel room in Brazil on 2009, he was 37 his wife Amanda Rodrigues Gatti was arrested and charged for his death, however she was later released as police ruled Gatti’s death a suicide but today a second autopsy concluded that he didn’t killed himself but was murder would Amanda be arrested? Find out more info about her below along with photos video and more.

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On July 11, 2009 at a room in Dorisol Resort in Porto de Galinhas  in Ipojuca in Pernambuco Brazil the lifeless body of 37 year-old Arturo Gatti was found, it was believe he was strangled a wound was found in the back of his head. The couple and and their only son were there for a second honeymoon vacation after their reconciliation after a short split

Amanda Gatti was sleeping in the second floor with her son while Arturo slept in the first, the night before they were at a bar where she said he got drunk, got into an argument with her that ended up with him pushing her to the floor hurting her elbow. About her husband’s death said she woke up about 6:00 a.to feed her son at about 9:00 a.m she went to wake up Arturo and it was at this moment she found him dead and called the police.

When police arrived they discovered a purse’s strap with blood next to him along with a steak knife, he was marks on his neck they ruled he was strangle the prime suspect was his wife Amanda. She was held for 18 days until she was released after police said Gatti hanged himself with the purse’s strap from the wooden staircase column about 7 feet off the ground, the injury on his head was due to the fall after the strap gave in on his weight three hours later, a wooden stool was found next to him where he allegedly stepped to hang pushing it afterwards. Amanda Gatti was arrested and taken to jail in Recife her son was taken to her family’s home in Brazil.

Rodrigues Gatti sustained her innocence her family support her, her sister Flavia said it was impossible for a woman her sister’s size and weight to strangle a man Gatti’s size. After her release she issued that she was planning to sue Brazilian police for wrongfully arrested her

His family however don’t believe he killed himself and said the Brazilian police reports where inconclusive, more mystery surrounded the mysterious death as the investigations were revealed like the fact that Gatti and Rodrigues went to their lawyer’s office less than a month before his death, the reason was to update their wills, in case of their deaths their 10 month-old son Arturo Jr, will be the beneficiary but if one of them died the other spouse will get the money plus he signed an one million unfaithful agreement, if he ever cheated on Amanda she would get the million. Arturo Jr. received about $2.500 for child support but Amanda didn’t get a penny. On August, 2011 after a 11 months investigation experts determined Gatti was murder.

31 year-old Amanda Carine Barbosa Rodrigues was a  exotic dancer in Brazil when she met her husband at a club, they got married on 2007 and she became known as Amanda Rodrigues Gatti, her son Arturo Jr. was born on 2009. Her husband however had a 5 year-old daughter Sofia Bella Gatti from his previous relationship with Erika Rivera.

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  1. I believe his wife killed him saw 48 hours and i think she in a heat of rage could over power him and with some help of her family members staged his death. I think she found him unconscience, then stabbed him then had help hang him. In the interview she said she hurt herself not he hurt her. Her facial expressions read deception. She was in her country a country where its easy to pay your way out of anything. She manipulated him and played on his emotions. I pray she slips up with her story. I pray for his family so that they see justice for arturo. In a heat of rage anything is possible. No crook is that clever. The truth will prevail. We love artur in nm. Meanmama40 nm

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