October 31, 2020

Prince Harry San Diego Waitress Girl- Jessica Donaldson

Prince Harry was spotted kissing a mystery girl at the Belly Up Tavern, that girl remained unknown until yesterday when media identified her as Jessica Donaldson a waitress at the Ivy Club in San Diego and you know what Jes is speaking up about her alleged romantic adventure with Prince Harry of Wales.


26 year-old Jessica Donaldson is a waitress or a bottle girl at the Ivy Club in the Andaz Hotel in San Diego and has been described as a Kate Middleton look alike, she met Harry on October 7th, when he and about 20 of his friends when to Andaz, this is what Jessica Donaldson said about that night..

‘His people called ahead and said there was a VIP person coming with about 20 friends and could we secure an area of the club for him. I had no idea the VIP was Prince Harry until he walked in. We are used to seeing celebrities here like local sports stars and Johnny Knoxville [star of MTV’s Jackass] but when Harry walked in, it was, “Wow!”

Jessica’ job at the Ivy Club is to sell  table (£350 per table ) to VIP clients, for each purchase the client get bottles of Belvedere and Absolut vodka with mixers , I should let her explain it to you..

You buy a table and for that you get a bottle of vodka, some mixers and soft drinks. You also get to stand in the VIP area. Our job is to bring in rich guys who want to meet hot girls. The more bottles you sell, the more you earn on commission.

According to media Harry’s bodyguard that Ms. Donaldson identified as Mark asked her for her number and  said Harry would like to invite her and her friend to a brunch the following morning, Jessica said they went to the beachside café called Pipes, the group then moved to a Mexican restaurant and drank fruit cocktails  and ate chips and salsa.

Last week Prince Harry his friends met with Jessica Donaldson and her girlfriends at the Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach where they enjoyed cocktails, dancing  listening to a jazz concert. it was at this particular night that witnesses said they saw them embracing and kissing, media in the U.S also took some compromising pictures which you can see below, but before you do that let me tell you that due to the attention this brought to Jessica’s  personal life, you see she has a boyfriend, and because of that she decided to gave  her side of the story and this is what she said…


“I am speaking out now because I want people to know the truth. I am not sleeping with Prince Harry and he has never been anything other than a total gentleman to me. I am very upset that all this has blown up. He is just a regular guy who enjoys a few beers with his buddies. He’s really cool and down-to-earth and that’s what I liked about him. I’m flattered he showed me attention but there is nothing more to it than that.”

According to the daily Mail when Jes was questioned about  the pictures of her and Harry kissing, she bursts into tears and ran out of the room, I should mention her boyfriend was with her, it was this guy who comforted her so she was able to continue the interview..

This is so hard and difficult. I didn’t want any of this.’

I wonder if she will see Harry again after she talk to media? hardly right? What do you think of this girl? Do you have any additional information about her?

Jessica_Donaldson_Prince_Harry_San_Diego_waitress_girlfriend_PicJessica_Donaldson_Prince_Harry_San_Diego_waitress_girlfriend_PhotoJessica_Donaldson_Prince_Harry_San_Diego_waitress_girlfriend_PicsJessica_Donaldson_Prince_Harry_San_Diego_waitress_girlfriend_PictureJessica_Donaldson_Prince_Harry_San_Diego_waitress_girlfriend_PicturesPrince-Harry-kissing-waitress-Jessica-Donaldson picturesPrince-Harry-kissing-waitress-Jessica-Donaldson_imagePrince-Harry-kissing-waitress-Jessica-Donaldson_imagesPrince-Harry-kissing-waitress-Jessica-Donaldson picturePrince-Harry-kissing-waitress-Jessica-Donaldson_photosPrince-Harry-kissing-waitress-Jessica-Donaldson_picPrince-Harry-kissing-waitress-Jessica-Donaldson_picsPrince-Harry-kissing-waitress-Jessica-Donaldson_photoPrince-Harry-kissing-waitress-Jessica-Donaldson_picturesPrince-Harry-kissing-waitress-Jessica-Donaldson imagePrince-Harry-kissing-waitress-Jessica-Donaldson imagesPrince-Harry-kissing-waitress-Jessica-Donaldson_picturePrince-Harry-kissing-waitress-Jessica-Donaldson photoPrince-Harry-kissing-waitress-Jessica-Donaldson picPrince-Harry-kissing-waitress-Jessica-Donaldson picsPrince-Harry-kissing-waitress-Jessica-Donaldson photosPrince-Harry-kissing-waitress-Jessica-Donaldson picturesPrince-Harry-kissing-waitress-Jessica-Donaldson-imagePrince-Harry-kissing-waitress-Jessica-Donaldson-imagesPrince-Harry-kissing-waitress-Jessica-Donaldson picturePrince-Harry-kissing-waitress-Jessica-Donaldson-photosPrince-Harry-kissing-waitress-Jessica-Donaldson-picPrince-Harry-kissing-waitress-Jessica-Donaldson-picsPrince-Harry-kissing-waitress-Jessica-Donaldson-photoPrince-Harry-kissing-waitress-Jessica-Donaldson-picturePrince-Harry-kissing-waitress-Jessica-Donaldson-pictures

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