March 4, 2021

Renata Shamrakova- Nicky Hilton’s Ex-Husband Todd Meister’s Personal Assistant

Nicki Hilton ex-husband Todd Meister is the victim of robbery by the hand, well beautiful hands of his own sexy personal assistant Renata Shamrakova and her live-in boyfriend Michael Smaye.

27 year-old Renata Shamrakova who besides working as a personal assistant is a model and actress was born in Odessa, Ukraine  now a American citizen, grew up in Long Beach, New York. Renata graduated from Hofstra University plus studied acting at Peter Kelly Acting School. In 2009 she starred in   the 2009 short films HiberNATION  and Fighting Nirvana.

Ms. Shamrakova started working for Nicky Hilton’s former hubby Todd Meister on March, 2011, during that time she was named Mr. Meister personal assistant and apparently  banker, while she denied all the charges against her that includes grand larceny, identity theft and obstruction and tampering. He found out  the money was missing ten months later.

Renata Shamrakova allegedly took $500,000 from Meister’s credit card to pay her credit card bills, she also took more money to pay her vacations to many exotic destinations like Aruba, Italy and France, used more money to buy  furniture, clothes and even online food plus expensive jewelry that she sold when she opened her jewelry store Karat & Ice, with 25 year-old Michael Smaye who is facing the same charges Renata is. The total of cash Renata allegedly stole is $1M

The investigation began in January, 2012 when Renata and Michael heard about Police coming to search apartment, they hurried to hide their computer, cell phones and other financial documents, it was around this time that Shamrakova was fired.

Media are gossiping about the possibility that Mr. Meister was having an affair with Renata Shamrakova.

“It’s a he said-she said. He said this is a theft. She said it is not because there was a relationship,”

Renata who denies ripping Todd also said all the money she took were made with his consent. Prosecutors say she applied for an American Express credit card in the business man’s  and as a secondary user was her.

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  1. Hey….just because you do have a realtionship, whatever it may be, unless he openly consented to you charging and spending his money that way is actually a crime. Unless he gave power of attorney over his estate in all matters to include banking. I could be wrong but that is a lot of money to just give because you had a realtionship. Sexual or otherwise. Marriage? Fiance’? Oh, that’s different! Crazy lady!

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