March 3, 2021

Stephanie Philbrook Archuleta Is Aurora Shooter Sonny Archuleta’s Wife

Meet lucky Stephanie Philbrook Archuleta, but why lucky if she was married to Sonny Archuleta? lucky because she is free? no, because she  escaped death by jumping out of a two story window, just minutes after her husband killed members of her family.

Stephanie Philbrook Archuleta Sonny Archuleta wife

There are no words to explain what happen in the mind of 33-year-old Sonny Archuleta who was killed by cops after a six-hour standoff after he killed his wife stepfather Anthony Ticali, his wife’s sister and her boyfriend, Stephanie Archuleta dodged the bullets flying all over the house, until this moment she said it was a miracle she wasn’t hit.

“It wasn’t just here or there,” said Wurzbacher, who spoke with a family member on the phone about the incident. “Stephanie said she couldn’t understand how the bullets missed her. She’s faced with all of this grief and guilt.

“He just went nuts. I don’t think he cared who he hit. He was in a really bad state of mind that night. He was really low. It was a drug fit. He wasn’t right in the head. I can only think that they tried to confront from.”

Today Archuleta’s wife mourns for her love ones, at the same she thanked God for being alive.

31-year-old Stephanie Philbrook Archuleta, was born on November 28, 1981 in Englewood, Colorado. She graduated in 2000 from Smoky Hill High School in Aurora, Colorado and 10 years later graduated from Community College of Denver.

Stephanie Archuleta currently works at Arms Wide and is a teacher at the world of Life Christian Center. Stephanie got married to Sonny in 2008.

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According to Sonny’s LinkedIn profile he is a freelance artist, graduated with Honors in Graphic and Animation Technology from the University of Colorado in Denver, he was a volunteer with Friends for Youth, he and Stephanie owned, where they designed clothes and other accessories for infants and toddlers.

Over 10 years experience as a Designer/Graphic Artist. I am working towards a goal of having my own special effects studio in Colorado. I want to get on a game company on the West Coast preferably in Portland Oregon or Seattle Washington and work for them for long term. Eventually I want to come back to Colorado and have a family business

Sonny Archuleta wife Stephanie Archuleta picSonny Archuleta wife Stephanie ArchuletaStephanie Philbrook Archuleta Sonny Archuleta wife-picSonny Archuleta

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  1. Sonny was a disturbed man drowning his grief over his brother with drugs. While it is true he snapped and might have emotional issues, he wasn’t crazy and your story is insulting as well as questionable.

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