September 20, 2020

Tiffany is John McAfee’ Girlfriend in Belize

This is Tiffany one of the many girlfriends, lovers john McAfee had at his house in Belize, she said she and two other girls were with McAfee on the day Gregory Faull was killed, but who really is this Tiffany?

Tiffany John McAfee girlfriend picture

We have heard about a Tiffany who used to work at a bar and is now a 23-year-old woman from McAfee himself, by that time he didn’t used the girl’s real names and Tiffany didn’t told the reporter her real name name either, the reason was because she is receiving death threats.

Tiffany John McAfee girlfriend

Tiffany has been dating McAfee for three years she said that in total seven girls lived in the house, besides Tiffany is Anna a 19-year-old girl who also lives at McAfee’s compound, they said that on the day Faull was killed they were with John the whole time.

Tiffany John McAfee girlfriend pic

Tiffany also said that she never saw John and Faull having any argument, the only thing that she witnesses one time was that Faull complain about the digs barking, but that’s it. She added that she doesn’t know where he is, she knows that he didn’t kill Faull but haven’t seen McAfee for over a week, the next day after Tiffany talked to media, she went missing.

John McAfee 17 year old Belize girlfriend picJohn McAfee Belize house

McAfee’s on-off girlfriend for nearly 13 years Susan, and Amber who are not from Belize who even though they lived at the house they were also involved with other men some musicians Brandon is with Susan and Stephen with Amber.

Besides Tiffany and Anna who are firms Belize we heard about Marly who is a cousin of another of his girlfriends, there is also Jane who is Tiffany’s cousin, Betsy and Anna the newbie member of the clan who is also known as Amber Two.

Anna John McAfee girlfriend picAnna John McAfee girlfriend

If this Anna is the same Anna in an old article, then Amber and Tiffany once warned John McAfee about her..

Anna showed up about 4 months ago. The notorious Nick, about whom I did a story for [redacted] a couple of years back, introduced her to me. Nick introduced her as his cousin and brought her with him to the Island for a weekend visit. The first night she was here she crept into Jane’s room, with whom I was sleeping at the time, and crawled into bed with us. Within a few minutes she simply told Jane to leave, which Jane did. I frequently muse about how the story would have been dramatically different had I been sleeping with Amber One that night. We would all have unpleasant memories of assorted body parts to deal with. John McAfee.

Amber one, once warmed him about Anna who was dating Arthur Young, before she arrived, Young was a gangster from Belize who was killed this April by the GSU, Anna received some cash from the GSU so she could ratted up Arthur, so she was in the run, Arthur’s gang the Taylor Street Gang would pay $50.000 for Anna dead or alive.

“There’s something not right about her, “You’re going to get us all killed. Anna is responsible for all of this. I know it for a fact. Do something now before it’s too late.”

Tiffany was with Amber about her concerns about Anna..

“I spend more time with her than anyone and I’m telling you – she’s up to no good”.”She’s going to cause you serious trouble. I’m just telling you. You need to get rid of her”

McAfee said Tiffani was the jealous one, she kept track on with whom he spend his time, how many ours and then confronted him about it.

“I chalked it up to jealousy. Tiffany keeps track of how many hours a week I spend with everyone and confronts me frequently about my shortchanging herself. She also “noticed” that I sleep closer to Anna than I do to her when we three sleep together.”

McAfee was well aware of the women he was sleeping with, their dark pasts and their twisted minds..

The arrival of Amber Two might have been counted as an extra woman, but, being still of sound mind, I decided that sleeping with Arthur Young’s girlfriend, given the fact that she had just recently been released from prison for stabbing a rival girlfriend of Arthur’s seven times in the face with hair scissors, might destabilize a complex set of relationships that already included at least one psychopath. Discord is high.

Amber One has more than once pulled a knife on Betsy and alternates between love and hate for Tiffany. Betsy has threatened to slash my throat many times and has gotten into knock-down, hair-pulling fights with Jane on two occasions.

Tiffany keeps track of everything and uses subtle passive aggressive button pushing to keep us all miserable. Marly has burst into my room with a gun while I was sleeping with Anna and has slapped Jane’s face more times than I can count. And Anna, well, she tried very hard to kill all of us.

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