November 29, 2020

VIDEO: Shia LaBeouf Bar Fight Video

The Transformers Kid as media in the UK described him got involved in not just one bar fight but three, according to TMZ Shia LaBeouf was pinned to the sidewalk in Vancouver, Canada one of these nights.


I really feel sorry for Shia LaBeouf ever since he told  Details Magazine about  the kisses he and Megan Fox share, what a jerk!! a gentleman never tells! Then we have known about his erratic behavior in the streets of Los Angeles, let’s remember this is not the first-time he has been involved in a fight back on 2007 he was told to leave a Walgreens in Chicago, but he refused to leave, he was arrested for misdemeanor criminal trespassing. Although the charges were dropped. The following year he was involved in a car crash, police smell alcohol in his breath but he refused to take the breathalyzer examination so he was charged for misdemeanor drunk driving and got his license suspended for a year.

On February he was  involved in a bar fight  at the Mad Bull’s Tavern bar in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, and recently Shia starred in another bar fights at the Cinema Public House in Vancouver, BC. Check that video provided by TMZ and the pictures below.


Shia LaBeouf Bar Fight Video

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