October 20, 2020

VIDEO: Wanetta Gibson is Brian Banks Accuser?

If Wanetta Gibson, Brian Banks Accuser, is going to be in jail now? Now Brian Banks can breath once again after the rape charges on him by Wanetta Gibson, have been dropped because of the false accusations that of falsely accused by Brian Banks Accuser, not just she made up the story but receiver over a million dollars from the Long Beach Unified School District.

Brian Banks accuser Wanetta Gibson pics

This woman Wanetta Gibson made up the false accusations stole the dreams, peace and years out of the life of young Brian Banks, after he kissed his athletic career goodbye, spend year in jail  and all for a crime he didn’t commit, today justice was on his side, his rape case was overturned,  but justice has not been entirely done, shouldn’t Wanetta be charge for false rape accusations and fraud?

Back in 2002 Brian was just a successful 17 year-old athlete at Long Beach Polytechnic High School, he had the world in his hands with a full scholarship offered by The University of Southern California,and for sure the NFL in the future, but all those dreams were shattered when Wanetta Gibson accused of rape and kidnap after a consensual sexual encounter at Polytech.

On his trial he was advised by his lawyer to plead no contest instead of going into trial and be sentence to 41 years in jail and so he did, Banks spend 6 years in jail, for a crime he did not do, he was registered as a sex offender, when he was on probation he was force to wear a ankle monitor, he could not find a job ad had to rely on family and his girlfriend to survive, in the meantime Wanetta Gibson sued the Long Beach Unified School District claiming the campus at Poly was not safe for students, she won and received $1.5 million.

Last year Wanetta Gibson contacted Brian on Facebook and send him a friend invite, he decline  the invite but contacted her and asked her to meet with , she accepted.

A this point  Wanetta Gibson not just accepted she lied about the rape charges but agreed to help him clear his name, with one condition she was not going to give back a penny of the million and a half she received from Long Beach School District. He contacted the California Innocence Project of the California Western School of Law told them about his meeting with Wanetta and showed them the video he recorded of her confession.

“I will go through with helping you but it’s like at the same time all that money they gave us, I mean gave me, I don’t want to have to pay it back.”

Today Brian Banks I free man, his case was overturned and  along his amazing family would continue to pursue his NFL dreams along his brother Freddie another former Poly student, whose dreams of playing at the NFL were lost because of his brother ordeal.

Check Brian Banks webpage, share it and show him your love.

Wanetta Gibson’ Facebook page is here, in her info she just wrote she went to Long Beach Polytechnic High School and  graduated in 2005, by the time she falsely accused Banks of rape she was 15, today she is 24. I found a possible match of Wanetta if I am not mistaken (and please correct if I am not) she is a mother of two (girl and a boy) not married to her baby daddy and is pursuing a masters degree in Psychology at Devry University.

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