March 5, 2021

Watch: Vashti Whitfield- Andy Whitfield’s Wife (Pics, bio)

The 9/11 10th anniversary was already sad enough to go on thru this day,  then a another terrible news hit us today a great actor, son, brother, father and husband has left many mourning for his sudden death Spartacus actor Andy Whitfield lost his battle to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, he is survived by his two gorgeous children and beloved wife Vashti Whitfield, check her out! How to Buy Property with No Money and Bad Credit


Last March the Welsh actor and model Andy Whitfield received the terrible news about his health, he was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a source said it was diagnose on the early stages and the prognosis was looking good it was also reported that the  production of Spartacus’ second would be delayed, Andy started his treatment right away..

“I’m receiving excellent care, and am feeling strong, positive and determined with an army of support behind me,” Whitfield said at the time.

On June we heard he finished his treatment as was cancer free, he was expected to be back on set but early this month we found out his cancer had returned and he would not return to work, a year later on September 11, 2011 it was reported that the 39 year-old actor died in Sidney, Australia, his beautiful wife Vashti said her husband was a beautiful warrior who died on a sunny Sydney morning in the arms of his loving wife.. . He is also survived by his beloved parents Robert (65) Pat (60) and 40 year-old sister Laura a nurse in Cardiff.

On a beautiful sunny sydney spring morning, surrounded by his family, in the arms of his loving wife, our beautiful young warrior Andy Whitfield lost his 18 month battle with lymphoma cancer. He passed peacefully surrounded by love. Thank you to all his fans whose love and support have help carry him to this point. He will be remembered as the inspiring, courageous and gentle man, father and husband he was.

Here is a little biography of Andy Whitfield’s wife Vashti Whitfield.

39 year-old  Vashti Whitfield was born in Paddington to hippie parents, she has a younger sister.

She met her soon to be husband when she was in her 20’s thru mutual friends in London, after three months they were living together and by 2001 they got married, this was Andy’s second marriage ((He was previously married to Terrica Smith 1999-2003, No children) and the first for her.

Vashti welcomed their first child together four years later, a handsome boy they named Jesse Red now 8 was born on May 2005; her little daughter Indigo Sky now 4 and a half, she was born in November, 2007.

Mrs. Whitfield was her husband’s life coach, she also runs a personal development company (Coaching Australia), she is a executive, entrepreneur & business coach in Sidney where she helped millions of people in:

Managing change: making change an exciting prospect in your work and in your life whether it be your career, relationships or lifestyle.
Peak in your Performance: assisting and challenging individuals to be stimulated and successful in their professional and personal roles.
Stress management: finding a balance to make life more rewarding, at a pace that suits you.

Vashti gave an interview about Andy’s diagnosis and  last moments, he really was a true warrior..

“Andy had been in pain for a long time. He had bad problems with his back, so we went to have a scan and it was then they discovered he had cancer. We were told he only had three months to live.” Vashti also talked about the promise he made to them.

“I am going to go to sleep now as my body won’t work any more. I am like a butterfly with broken wings, I will always be with you and will always be watching over you. I love you.”


Our thoughts and Prayers go out to her, her children, the rest of the Whitfield family, friend and fans throughout this terrible time! He will never be forgotten!!

You can send all of your love to Andy Whitfield’s beautiful wife and children on Facebook here and Twitter here.


17 thoughts on “Watch: Vashti Whitfield- Andy Whitfield’s Wife (Pics, bio)

  1. My prayers go out to the Andy Whitfield’s family and friends. I’m truly saddened. He was an excellent actor and appeared to be a gracious, kind and gentle man. God Bless Andy and his family.

  2. to the family of Andy Whitfield a simple message from a no one in England,,,, never has a man made such a impression than Andy had to my family while playing the part of Spartacus. He had brought so much entertainment into my house every week night that i would often take the night off if my work clashed with Spartacus on TV……… This man will be sadly missed by all and words cannot ease the pain that his loving family will be suffering fight now along with his friend. Long may his memory live on in all of our lives I am truly saddened by this loss and no amount of words could possibly make it easier for anyone. God Bless the Whitfield Family xx

  3. Having lost my young husband to cancer in March 2010, I extend my prayers to you Vashti, and your children. I truly share your pain.

  4. The death of the warrior Andy whitfield known as Spatacus pain the me, but death is nature and notting one can do. My prayer to him is that GOD should give him the best place in his kingdom. I love him but GOD love him most.

  5. i am so sad for andyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    andy ilove you so much
    andy never forget you.
    you are spartacus my heart

  6. Dearest Vashti and family, From the beginning of Spartacus I thought “Who is this man”? I am a middle aged woman from the US. I watch alot of tv, I always have. I have never seen an actor who commands your attention they way he does. Andy was bigger than life itself. Still, I’m watching Blood and Sand everyday. A man this special has been called by the Gods. I imagine him in his armor fighting for the good of all of us left behind. The phrase “Life Is Short” must only apply for the elite humans. For this is an example of a life taken to fast. He has left a gleaming legacy, for no one will ever be “Spartacus” like he was. Glory to Andy Whitfield, possibly sitting with our King of Kings. Possibly the Brother of Gabriel. This is how I will remember Andy, a man Devine
    With Love and Sincerity,

  7. you expressed my thoughts exactly.I, too, cannot watch enough Blood and Sand and am ordering the DVD set. Can you imagine the roles this amazing man would have embodied with the same fervor as Spartacus? I’ll take him any day over these so-called ‘A-listers’

  8. Andy will be missed! I hope that time will diminish the pain his family and relatives are feeling now. It is hard to lose someone who you love to sickness especially one who had just started to shine. Andy lit up my TV screen each week and I couldn’t miss an episode. I still watch the show each week but it will not be the same. He exuded a charm and such confidence that is unmatched.

    May his soul find rest. I miss you Andy.


  9. Dearest Whitfield family,
    Last October 2008, my only 26 years old son, a nurse and a student for movie director passed away. We both loved movies. Until now I carried the torch of our passion in the arts of movies. We shared the good/the bad & the ugly movies. Spartacus series was one of them that I wanted to share…the making and especially the acting of Andy. Then on the next season he was gone and I got curious. Today, I am shock and weep for your loss as with mine. For years, I’ve been looking for excellent actor to critic and I’ve seen one but was also gone. Is it tragic that good people has to leave early…with his great talent I pray that my son and him will see each other in the other side. Bless You!

  10. i am very sad because a good actor has gone and i always pray to my god,oh god you always keep your hand on andy whitfield’s family’s head.god bless you every body.

  11. deio aqui meus pesames atrasado, pois o seriado aqui no brasil esta agora dando, poi digo no fundo do meu coração que este homen que faleceu era um grande ator, que descance em paz, amen

  12. I’m from India…usually i do not watch any foreign tv shows…but i have recently see the episodes of Spartacus Season 1…and got really impresed…and wanted to know more about Spartacus…and found that the name is Andy…and couldnt believe my eyes to see the year of his death…from that day i have searched a no. of websites to know more about him and his family…He and his wife too are very inspiring…
    My good wishes and prayers for his wife and children for every success in life…

  13. Andy Whitfeild, you are miss my heart sadden as I which your last movie.. My god bless ur family and you it’s just so sad u are missed very much.

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