November 29, 2020

Watch: Willem Marx- Kate Middleton’s College Boyfriend (Photos, Video)

Some of you probably know who is this young man called Willem Marx, he used to be the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton’s boyfriend while she attend Marlborough College, Willem has found love to in Shirley Leigh Wood who allegedly is a Kate look a-like, what do you think?


28 year-old Willem Marx was not just Kate Middleton’s ex-boyfriend from college he also was her first love, they date when both attended Marlborough College before she attended St Andrews where she met Prince William.

Willem and the Duchess remained good friends after their split once they were spotted together, after Marlborough Marx went to Oxford and studied Classics followed by New York University where he got his MA in journalism. PBS’s Frontline/World commissioned his thesis video featuring the hostility many Muslims lived inside Uzbekistan, as a matter of fact his amazing skills as a reported granted him a Emmy Nomination, it was reported Willem worked  in Iraq for the American PR firm Lincoln Group his job consisted in paying to plant pro-American articles secretly written by the U.S. military in the Iraqi press he also with ABC News, CNN, Los Angeles Times, His superb stories can be found in Los Angeles Times, Prospect Magazine, La Stampa, The Boston Globe, Harpers, London, Sunday Times, Die Zeit and the Daily Telegraph. Mr.Marx also happens to be an amazing photographer  he has worked for Der Spiegel, Vogue, etc. He is part of the member at MIP or Media Intelligence Partners It was rumored Willem was among the guest at the William and Kate’s Royal wedding.

He used to date Ingrid Bergman’s great granddaughter Elettra Rossellini who like her mother Isabella is a Lancome model. Today Willem Marx is madly in love with Shirley Leigh Wood Oakes Dare 2 Magazine’s editor in Chief who might have a little resemblance to Kate, you can be the judge of that!


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