February 27, 2021

Demi Lovato’s Roman Numeral Three Tattoo Meaning (Demi Lovato wrist tattoo)

Demi Lovato recently had a new Roman Numeral Tattoo inked Demi Lovato. What’s Demi Lovato’s Roman Numeral Tattoo Meaning? Demi Lovato’s this new tattoo is a tribute to her birth father Patric Lovato who dead from cancer in May 2013, at that time, Demi inked  “I’m a warrior” on her left shoulder for self-encourage. This time, Roman numeral dedicated to her dad.

Demi revealed to Craig Ferguson on his show about this Roman numeral 3 tatoo on December 10, 2013,

“I just recently got this little guy; it’s still healing. It’s the Roman numeral three. It means a lot to me ’cause my Dad, it was like his number. He was obsessed with Dale Earnhardt and he passed way this summer, so I wanted to do something positive.”

This tattoo inked into Roman numeral three in black, featured with 3 vertical lines. This is a small tattoo and not easy to find.

Demi Lovato’s Roman numeral three Tattoo Meaning 3 Demi Lovato’s Roman numeral three Tattoo Meaning

It’s certain that Demi Lovato’s birth father Patrick Lovato has a huge impact on her life. He splitted with Demi’s mother when she was 2 years old due to alcohol abuse and meatal disease. But it didn’t break the bond between Demi and her father. You can see how Demi loved her father from songs  “For the Love of a Daughter” and “Shouldn’t Come Back.” and she said attending her father’s funeral was “the hardest thing”

 “There’s an overwhelming sense of peace knowing my dad is no longer battling his demons anymore and that makes me so happy…” – Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato’s Roman numeral three Tattoo Meaning 2 via Tumblr

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