March 4, 2021

Rihanna’s Tattoos and Tattoo Meanings (Photos, pics)

Check out the following Rihanna tattoos and tattoo meanings including her newest tattoo inked in 2014! Rihanna admited that inking tattoos is her addiction. Currently she has more than 20 tattoos and she likes hanging out in tattoos shops. Her recent tattoo is a tribal design that covers her whole right hand. Tattoos intrigue her and she says it’s an entire culture and she studies it. She sometimes goes by herself or with friends but bum-rush has never stopped her and she takes no security with her.

Her first tattoo were two music notes done on her foot in 2006 or at least that is was is believed. Bang Bang is the tattoo artist popularly known to have created her tattoos and he apparently has worked on an estimate of 13 many tattoos. He told a magazine that Rihanna gets very excited once she has had a tattoo done. She actually looks like teenager who has just gotten her first car.

Rihanna Tattoos on feet and legs

Sometime in 2006, Rihanna had her first tattoo done or so is the belief. The tattoo is two music notes done on her left foot. These notes are the treble clef and the sixteenth note which are inspired by her career in music just when she was getting into the music industry.Rihanna Tattoos and Tattoo Meanings on feet

Bang Bang told the US weekly that in June 2012 Rihanna had a large Egyptian falcon done to cover up her music notes tattoo. She then went on to share it on twitter. The caption on it was “Falcon: a light that shines in the darkness! Never close their eyes during sleep.”
As a teenager, this is the tattoo she wanted, but later she wanted it across her back. The bird is tattooed in a way that looks like a handgun. Her inspiration for the tattoo might have come from a faience falcon of 2,300 years which is displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, from where most of the artist’s work is done.Rihanna Tattoos and Tattoo Meanings on feet 2

She talked about the meaning of her tattoo to Oprah and she said that they had no other way of saying a king in the sky, so they curved in to walls and they would curve a falcon.
During her stay in Miami back in 2008 she added a tattoo of a skull. That and her seventh tattoo are the only colored ink tattoos she has. Usually, a skull and crossbones portray danger, but the pink hair bow worn by the skull neutralizes it.

Rihanna’s Tattoos Hands and fingers

Rihanna on her tour to New Zealand in November 2008, she got a henna-style tribal dragon claw tattoo on her right hand. Her ex-boyfriend Chris brown, has the same tattoo on the same hand. The style of her tattoo is from the tradition of the Maori people in New Zealand. It’s the design of a geometric dragon claw with small hibiscus going up to her wrist. The Maori people design of tattooing makes the skin appear raised and rough and not like the usual smooth one.Rihanna Tattoos and Tattoo Meanings hand dragon claw glower tattoo

She told a reporter the tattoo hurts as hell but she always wanted one. She also said that it represented strength and love; it’s tribal and is their traditional way of doing it.
Rihanna lines hand tattoo.

In October 2013 Rihanna expanded the tattoo on her hand in two sessions. In the first session she added chevrons and lines all over her fingers, hands and wrist. The lines are still visible through the finished tattoo.

Rihanna Tattoos and Tattoo Meanings 2014 2

Other finger tattoosRihanna Tattoos and Tattoo Meanings on hand fingers 2 Rihanna Tattoos and Tattoo Meanings on hand fingers

Rihanna tattoo on right wrist

Bang Bang Tattoos tweeted Rihanna’s new tattoo inked in January 2014. She had a new tattoo which shows a large cross with designs around it and the tattoo was inked on the inside of her wrist with other tribal designs already inked there.

Rihanna Tattoos and Tattoo Meanings 2014

Rihanna henna hand tattoo

In the same month, October 2013, she had her final piece of her hand tattoo done. This incorporated the chevron line and the design from Maori tribe near her thumb. The inspiration of the design comes from Indian henna art. The tattoo was worked on by Bang Bang and Cally-Jo who worked together on designing and implementing it. They both got their needles and worked at the same time on different sections. Bang Bang wrote that they spent lots of hours on it drawing on different sections but was really proud when they found one that worked out. They really made it pretty.Rihanna Tattoos and Tattoo Meanings 2014 3

Not much is known of the tattoo or when she got it, but is of “Love” written on her right middle finger in a simple cursive font. It’s placed such that it can only be seen when she sticks out her middle finger or holds a microphone. It’s done by one of the artists she has used before in Los Angeles. Lindsay Lohan and Lily Allen copied it but at the time had no idea Rihanna had it. Many of her fans including Cher Lloyd decided to have an exact copy of Rihanna’s. The premise is that when you shushing someone with the finger on your lips the tattoo is revealed.

Rihanna Body tattoos

It’s not known when she got the tattoo on the left side of her ribcage that says “Al Hurrai fi Maseeh”, which translates to “Freedom in God”

Rihanna Tattoos and Tattoo Meanings body freedom in godShe got a gun tattooed below her right armpit in March 2009. She wanted to give a tattoo to her friend as a birthday gift, but decided to get one herself at the same time.Rihanna Tattoos and Tattoo Meanings body 3

She got a new very large tattoo in September 2009 as a tribute to her late grandmother.

She tweeted alongside the picture of her new ink: “Goddess Isis – Complete Woman – Model for future generation – #GRANDRANDOLLY – always in and on my heart.”
It’s the tattoo of the Egyptian goddess Isis, depicted as ideal mother and wife.

Rihanna Tattoos and Tattoo Meanings body

Rihanna Nefertiti tattoo

Rihanna showed her tattoo off in January 2012 at a photo shoot with Terry Richardson. The tattoo is of the ancient Egyptian Queen Nefertiti. The tattoo is private, hardly seen because of where it’s placed and its meaning to Rihanna remains unknown. Queen Nefertiti was a beauty icon with many titles including Hereditary Princess; Great of Praises; Lady of Grace and Sweet of Love.

Rihanna Tattoos and Tattoo Meanings body 2

Rihanna tattoos on neck and ears

The tattoo on Rihanna’s right ear is one of the first tattoos she had. It’s a Pisces sign that was done in 2006 along with the music notes on her foot. A famous Brazilian artist did the tattoo. She was lucky to have been in Tokyo at the same time as he because usually, his clients make bookings three years prior.

Rihanna Tattoos and Tattoo Meanings on neck 3The tattoo of a star outline inside her left ear was done in August 2006. Rihanna told reporters that she and her best friend from Barbados had to do something crazy so they got the tattoos.

Rihanna Tattoos and Tattoo Meanings on neck 4
Rihanna’s tattoo that was inked in 2008, is the most visible and famous one. The tattoo was started in L.A by a tattoo artist then finished by her favorite artist Bang Bang in New York. The trio stars match her former boyfriend Chris Brown’s stars behind his ear.

Rihanna Tattoos and Tattoo Meanings on neck 2

She got the tattoo of the text “rebelle fleur” written in script on the left side of her neck in August 2010. This translates to “rebel flower”. Since the adjective comes from the noun in French, many people claimed the phrase should be “Fleur Rebelle”. In a text message to Bang Bang she said Rebelle Fleur translates to rebel flower and not rebellious flower. These are two nouns and so fleur does not necessarily come first. She said these because she knew people would ask about it.

Rihanna Tattoos and Tattoo Meanings on neck

Rihanna tattoos on shoulders
Rihanna has a Roman numerals date “4.11.1986” inked on her left shoulder in June 2008. This is the birth date of her best friend Melissa and Melissa has Rihanna’s birth date tattooed on her shoulder as well.

She got a tattoo of her personal motto “Never a failure, always a lesson” just below her right shoulder in December 2009. She had it written backwards so she could read it on a mirror. The artist asked her why she wanted it and she told him it’s her motto in life for everything. Instead of looking at things as mistakes she considers
on her left collarbone. Bang Bang said the color was cut with water and the tattoo ended up being light just like the “rebelle” tattoo on her neck. Bang Bang also added it is easier to hide the tattoo on the collarbone with a necklace or it can be plain sight. He has done around them lessons. She wanted it to be more subtle so she got it in gray instead of black. She did not want too much attention on it.
She got a small simple cross in March 2012 tattooed 12 tattoos for her and he says she loved the cross tattoo.

Rihanna Dec. 8 Rihanna Tattoos and Tattoo Meanings on shoulders

Rihanna tattoos on Hips
Rihanna got a Sanskrit prayer in 2007 inked going down her hip. This was supposed to mean “forgiveness, honesty, suppression and control”, which is a quote from Sanatana Dharma. The tattoo was unfortunately misspelled and changed its meaning to “long suffering, truthfulness, self-restraint, inward calm, fear and fearless” instead.

Following the incorrect translation, the tattoo also misses a part of the original prayer that reads “pleasure, pain, birth, death.”
On her left hip she got a tattoo in March 2012 saying “lover” in Tibetan just above her butt.

Rihanna Tattoos and Tattoo Meanings on hips 2

Rihanna Tattoos and Tattoo Meanings on hips