March 5, 2021

Rebeca Yunen Finke is Alex Rodriguez’s New Girlfriend, Looks Like Anne Hathaway! (wiki, pictures, photo)

Rebeca Yunen Finke is New York Yankees MLB star, Alex Rodriguez’s new girlfriend! Who is Rebeca Yunen Finke? She is reported to be a 24 year old graduate, her major is Business Administration Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra, a Santiago university.

Rebeca Yunen Finke is also reported to be Rafael Emilio Yunen’s niece. Rafael was famous for directing of the Centro Leon. But now it seems Rebeca don’t need her uncle’s help to get popular, she is popular now, as Alex Rodriguez’s New Girlfriend!

Finally someone meets a girl with with mind. But wait, if she looks like Anne Hathaway?!

rebeca-yunen-finke-alex-rodriguez girlfriend(Rebeca Yunen Finke photo)

rebeca yunen finke Anne Hathaway(Rebeca Yunen Finke looks like Anne Hathaway, if with some boob job!)

It’s said their relationship began about half a year ago in Casa de Campo, La Romana where they attended some social event and they were attracted with each other and the relationship started.

Alex Rodriguez was also spotted escorted by Frinke’s father to a presidential suites in Gran Almirante Hotel. It means their relationship has stepped far more than one thinks. Meet each other’s parents and became just like a family.


Alex Rodriguez was linked to Cameron Diaz, Madonna and Kate Hudson previously. But now it seems Alex turns to Rebeca, maybe because she is different from the previous ones.