March 6, 2021

Abbey Clancy is Peter Crouch’ Hot Wife (photos, bio, wiki)

Meet Abbey Clancy, Peter Crouch’ wife here! Abbey Clancy, the extra skinny celebrity champion of dance on the strictly come dancing is married to Peter Crouch. Abbey Clancy, with the feet of ft 9 in (1.75 m), dances on TV. About the title ‘strictly come dancing’ I have no idea what it means but she honestly looks unhealthy. According to her Wikipedia sources, she has been a cat walk model and lingerie before. You really need to be skilled to exceptionally lay or stand straight in front of the cameras wearing just underwear. It also needs guts. However it’s an easy way to get paid and pass time in between the dances.Abbey Clancy is Peter Crouch' Hot Wife (photos, bio, wiki) facebook twitter

The real definition of the dancing title she was awarded on the dancing show is a combination of two British television shows. Isn’t it very boring to make a confused and filled with errors title that constituted of the shows “Come Dancing” and “Strictly Ballroom”? I had tried to tolerate and watch the show, but unfortunately I could barely watch it after the 22nd second. It totally became unwatchable. Am not exaggerating, just click on the clip video and remember to tell me how long will last. I’m actually trying to figure out the good things in the English culture. There was a scandal back in the 2011 when a hooker said to have been banged by Crouch, meanwhile Abbey was pregnant with Crouch’s kid. They later dismissed the scandal as false.Abbey Clancy is Peter Crouch' Hot Wife (photos, bio, wiki) facebook twitter 2Abbey Clancy is Peter Crouch' Hot Wife (photos, bio, wiki) twitter

Abbey Clancy’s twitter

Crouch is growing old now, but despite him being 33 years, he is a real time goal scorer. For the past 10 years, Crouch has seemingly been scoring quite a lot of goals. To be precise, in 2006 Crouch scored a total of 11 goals in 12 games. In 2012 he was the stoke city player of the year and has been in the premier league since early 2001. I think he can be leveled with Landon Donovan as his equal for not being chosen to represent his country during the world cup. Although Crouch is still scoring, age is becoming a limit despite efforts to show young age with his ‘robot’ dance after making a score. But he made some statement recently and gave conditions that he will not do the robot dance until England takes a national title or some nonsense of that kind. Let us just hope he doesn’t come dancing his styles with glitter and his 85 pound Abbey on his arms.

Abbey Clancy and Peter Crouch’s cute daughter

Abbey Clancy is Peter Crouch' Hot Wife (photos, bio, wiki) facebook twitter 3

Abbey Clancy dancing video (Youtube video)

Abbey Clancy The Paul OGrady Show 13th November 2013 (youtube video)