October 30, 2020

Alexia Imaz is Giovani Dos Santos’ Girlfriend (wiki, bio, photos)

Meet Alexia Imaz, Giovani Dos Santos’ girlfriend! On International-Sounding Couples Daily today, we show you Alexia Imaz, Giovani Dos Santos girlfriend. That combination of names and character can make you vomit. It’s not very cool especially if you are not a Jonny boy since Giovani Dos Santos translates to mean John two saints. Very cool we present to you Giovani Dos Santos’ girlfriend Alexia Imaz. Doesn’t that combination of names just make you want to puke? Giovani Dos Santos translates to John Two Saints. So, where are your two saints that will protect you from slayer?Alexia Imaz is Giovani Dos Santos' Girlfriend (wiki, bio, photos)

An International name Alexia Imaz is very famous in Mexico for being abused physically by her former boyfriend Saade Murillo. She exposed the pictures in her social site pages which brought about a very big uproar over it. Imaz is the daughter of the director of Mexican national security. I wonder if the guy just made Murillo disappear since he had the power to make it possible. Fortunately, Giovani Dos Santos does not seem to have done any harm or abuse to her. Before they got married, they had just dated for a very few weeks. They are now engaged. It may seem foolhardy a little bit but that is just an opinion of one fool.Alexia Imaz is Giovani Dos Santos' Girlfriend (wiki, bio, photos) 2

Giovani is popular for attacking from the midfield in soccer, At the 2012 Olympics for Mexico, he won a gold medal. He was also a player in the 2010 world cup playing for Mexico as well. Currently, he is a player in Villa real based in Spain when not internationally competing. Giovani has a registered high side of expertise play with 11 goals and 8 assists. When he will be traded next it’s obvious there will be a hike in the fees. In Mexico’s opening match, Giovani scored twice against Cameroon where both of the goals were wrongfully disallowed. He has however been on the decline since then and Mexico’s’ game against Brazil did not do any good to him either. Alexia is however hoping for a better performance by Giovani with the Dutch cropping up. There are always lulls in a player’s performance in any sport from match to match. Scoring two goals in the first match though disallowed is quite enough for Giovani to maintain his starting position and not get forced out by Hernandez his team mate.