March 3, 2021

Amanda Bradley is Michael Bradley’s Wife (bio, wiki, photos)

Amanda Bradley, Michael Bradley’s wife was a very talented tennis player for Rhode Island University. Amanda Bradley graduated as an ace. Amanda always had good numbers with a dominant win with percentages. You can find about this fairly well documented couple in YouTube. You can find a video interview during the days when they were in Italy. That time Michael was playing for Roma and Chievo.Amanda Bradley is Michael Bradley's Wife (bio, wiki, photos)

Basically, that is their story, just travelling around the European cities while Michael was playing for various teams. The two got married in July 2011 after living in Germany for quite a long time.In early 2014, Amanda and Michael were back to America after Michael had played for an unpronounceable team for some years.Amanda Bradley is Michael Bradley's Wife (bio, wiki, photos 2)

Michael is a very cool and down to earth dude. He is always spotted around Verona chatting with baristas about stories of how he and his wife had to learn a foreign language since not many people there talked or understood English. Michael seemed understated and cerebral during the interview though he still looks like Hit man. His team mates’ nick named him the thinking player but Italian soccer really needs thinking according to Bojan Jokic.Amanda Bradley is Michael Bradley's Wife (bio, wiki, photos 3

It’s now all past and gone. The Bradley’s have already moved back to Toronto together with their annoying dog. They now have a kid and their relationship is back to YouTube with Michal claiming that Amanda makes him like his life and she has always been there for him even when he was travelling and the upkeep of their child. Michael says that success without Amanda and his kid doesn’t add up. Bradley, the family man is hoping he scores some goals for them too.

Amanda Bradley and Michael Bradley’s youtube video

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