December 3, 2020

Aneta Netolicka is Tomas Hertl’s Girlfriend! (photos, wiki, bio)

Meet Aneta Netolicka. Aneta Netolicka is Tomas Hertl’s pretty girlfriend! With San Jose Sharks rookie forward Tomas Hertl being in new rage and his girlfriend Aneta Netolicka is right up there with him. From the Czech Republic, the couple is quite a pair with Aneta Netolicka being a gymnast. In accordance to, she is the 74th most prominent gymnast worldwide and the 41st most famous celebrity starting with letter “A”. Possible fame about her may be due to the fact that she is dating Tomas Hertl since not much about her is known.Aneta Netolicka is Tomas Hertl’s Girlfriend! (photos, wiki, bio)

Tomas Hertl’s mother fancies her son’s choice in women. When Tomas Hertl scored four goals in the Shark’s win over the New York Rangers this past fall she was photographed sitting next to Aneta Netolicka.

Aneta Netolicka is Tomas Hertl’s Girlfriend! (photos, wiki, bio) 3
Inevitable comparison to an iconic Czech photo have been drawn from Aneta Netolicka’s stunning looks and Tomas Hertl’s obvious fate as a future NHL star. Jaromir Jagr was the one who posed with a former girlfriend before becoming a Hall of Famer. In the photo, his unnamed girlfriend sported a Jagr jersey and leaned up against him while a shirtless Jagr held a pitchfork. Recently, Tomas Hertl and Aneta Netolicka were gotten by a Czech news outlet to recreate the famous shot. After that, one thing led to another and Aneta Netolicka became somewhat of a star on Twitter.

Aneta Netolicka is Tomas Hertl’s Girlfriend! (photos, wiki, bio) 2

After that, there was the only bikini photo published on a Czech sports site that made US sports bloggers turn into a frenzy. But it has not shoved the media from taking their eyes off Tomas Hertzl. On Decemeber 31st Tomas Hertle underwent surgery in Cleveland to repair damage to his right medial collateral ligament and posterior cruciate ligament. As of March 19th, CSN Bay Area reported Tomas Hertl’s knee is healing. Although he’s not skating at close to full speed yet, he began taking up the pace of his workouts. It will not take long before he is back on the ice, and when he does, he is bound to become a force of nature again. Keep a close watch on the couple.