January 15, 2021

Angela Rypien is Taijuan Walker’s Model Girlfriend! (photos, bio, wiki)

Meet Angela Rypien, Angela Rypien is the pretty girlfriend of Taijuan Walker! She is a lingerie football superstar. She is the daughter of Mark Rypien, a 2x Pro Bowler and Redskins Super Bowl XXVI MVP. If babies will step in in this couple, then don’t be surprised of incredibly athletic kids.Angela Rypien is Taijuan Walker's Model Girlfriend (photos, bio, wiki)

Angela Rypien and Taijuan Walker have been together since October 2013. Based on what they have revealed in their social media accounts, They spent the holidays together and have been spotted going to the Seahawks-Saints playoff game, enjoying hiking, and much more. Taijuan Walker made his first appearance on Angela Rypien’s Instagram page. Seemingly, Angela Rypien really loves to post pics of herself and her sweetheart smooching. After all, they suit each other! Their public displays of attention really say much about them. Yes, they always look happy.Angela Rypien is Taijuan Walker's Model Girlfriend (photos, bio, wiki) 2

But when left to her own devices, Angela Sue Rypien can hold her own all by herself. Being 6-foot and 149lb, the beauty plays quarterback for the Baltimore Charm of the “Legends Football League.” Her stats for the most recent season were 16-for-36 for 152 yards, one touchdown and four interceptions. She also rushed for a touchdown.

Interestingly, Angela Rypien can hold more than her own. She proved this during the Mist’s opening win in November 2011. She was tackled in the first quarter and the tackler received a nice unceremonious punch. This caused a 15-yard penalty. Of course, being the daughter of a former Washington Redskins quarterback and a former Redskinette Cheerleader probably got Angela Rypien off to a good start in her career.Angela Rypien is Taijuan Walker's Model Girlfriend (photos, bio, wiki) 3

But being a single mum of a 4-year-old, she is not completely jazzed for women’s football to take off while the players being scantily dressed. However neither are her parents but just fans of the league. Angela however is a tough cookie. She confessed to ESPN.com that however people think she is belittling herself or tarnishing the name her daddy built, she cares less.

Angela, currently 23 years from Reston Virginia has been actively involved in media work. Taijuan walker on the other side is held up in the spring training. In January, Angela appeared as a guest on Jim Rome’s show. She received support from Taijuan Walker who tweeted, “Make sure you guys check my gorgeous lady @Angela_Rypien on @jimrome @SHOsports tonight at 10pm ET #gobabe hahaha.” Well, true lovebirds here


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