March 8, 2021

Charissa Thompson is Jay Williams’ Hot Girlfriend (wiki, bio, photos)

Meet Charissa Thompson, Charissa Thompson is Jay Williams’ hot girlfriend. Giving titles to posts such as these is always complex. Whether it is about Jay Williams’s girlfriend Charissa Thompson, or is it regarding her boyfriend Jay Williams? In both cases, the tremendous couple is always competing together in broadcasting arts of sports at all times and where Charissa Thompson’s career seems to be heading into the right direction, Mr. Williams had not really planned on something such as this. For individuals who are not aware, a couple of years ago in 2003, Jay suffered from a whole lot of injuries which he sustained after he badly crashed a motorcycle within a streetlight and prayed to the gods to not make the incident end his career forever. However, that is exactly what happened as after the incident, all teams that he played for dropped him one by one and ended his career.Charissa Thompson is Jay Williams' Hot Girlfriend (wiki, bio, photos) 2

The entire time of Charissa Thompson’s boyfriend lasted for 75 games in total. The promising star was chosen to be second amidst all of the players at the ripe age of 21 only. He also had an average of 10 points within a game in the beginning of the rookie season. When it comes to career-ruining injuries, his were definitely considered to be the ones to end a professional basketball career. It can be clearly said that he and Greg Oden are similar in some ways.Charissa Thompson is Jay Williams' Hot Girlfriend (wiki, bio, photos) 4

Currently, Jay is dating Charissa Thompson who is known for her exceptionally good looks and also being into sports at the same time. Fox Sports is clearly aware of what people find best. In 2004, Thompson graduated from UC Santa Barbara and then went on to becoming the hot broadcaster who checks in with the others ones during the game. Within the sidelines and huddles during the game, she is known to report while the game is being played. YouTube also features an overall ‘check-in’ compilation of hers from the games. This shows that some highly addicted fan has quite a lot of free time to spare since it really does not matter in any way unless people wish to watch her discuss sideline and huddle activities during a game. Or maybe, it was Jay Williams who posted the YouTube video.

The fact that Jay Williams girlfriend has been hot on by a lot of NFL players really does not make a difference since luckily for Jay, not dating these players is most probably a part of her work contract. A lot of people wonder about how many women NFL players hit on while they are being interviewed. This infact happens quite frequently every now and then. Dating Jay is quite suitable for Thompson since they both have similar jobs and career. Recently, Charissa Thompson has been hired to do a celeb gossip segment with highly famous Mario Lopez. Now, will they still continue with the same check-in format and make her report from Beverly Hills for the purpose of updating people with injuries as well as famous people?Charissa Thompson is Jay Williams' Hot Girlfriend (wiki, bio, photos)

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