March 8, 2021

Jenna Shea is Josh Gordon’s Girlfriend? (wiki, bio, photos)

Meet Jenna Shea here! If Jenna Shea is Josh Gordon’s girlfriend? The answer is No. Josh Gordon’s recent media exposure was used by his escort or his call girl Jenna Shea as an opportunity to get suspended so as to raise her media profile. As applied to the internet, ‘raise’ is though a relative term. One is not here to say that their morally superior to anyone and sit on a high horse.Jenna Shea is Josh Gordon s Girlfriend (wiki, bio, photos)

They are merely pointing out the facts. Jenna is a high-end call girl as well as an escort. She can’t be called anything else as she sleeps with men in exchange for money. Lil Wayne and Fabolous are also two of the ton of famous rappers whom she has slept with. Rating their package sizes is what she has also taken upon herself (Fabolous was the winner apparently). After being paid $20,000 to ‘hang out’, she slept with James Harden. This was denied by her on an interview on YouTube though everyone is apparently quite sure of it. Why is that Mr. Harden?

The photo of Josh that Jenna had, featured him at the time when his tattoo was un-finished, implying that it was a while back. Though then another picture was posted by her, that of a 1st class plane ticket to Cleveland from like a week before. The picture was deleted by her from her Instagram though not before it was screen- captured by everyone. Compared to the year-long suspension, it’s not sure whether this is bad news for Gordon. Though that is a long suspension for smoking grass, the rule may get changed within a year or two since it belongs to another country. Though there’s nothing that can be done for Josh now, so he might as well buy Jenna another ticket to Cleveland to hang out.

It can also be wondered whether it would hypothetically be possible to go on a date with Jenna, the professional escort that she is, without there being a transaction involved. What if its bookish nerds that she actually prefers and not athletes and millionaire rap stars