March 3, 2021

Lauren Bedford is Brian Boyle’s Model Girlfriend! (wiki, bio, photos)

Meet Lauren Bedford, Brian Boyle’s girlfriend here! Let’s just make this clear..or rather simplified: as a model, Brian Boyle’s girlfriend Lauren Bedford is very hot and beautiful with blond hair! It seems she is another hot model with mysterious magnetic force that enables her to get close to professional athletes. It’s evident that Brian Boyle, the behemoth Rangers forward loves her very much!Lauren Bedford is Brian Boyle's Model Girlfriend! (wiki, bio, photos) 2

Reliable source claim that, for some reason, Rangers fans don’t really like Brian. They think he’s soft because he’s huge yet doesn’t go out there looking to run over everyone. He’s not exactly a gentle giant, and he’s actually pretty solid defensively. He did well this season with 18 points, and he’s still an asset. I feel like I’m his agent. With a $5.1 million contract, he’s doing fine without my help. He’s from Hingham, Massachusetts so I feel like I’ve got to defend fella from my hood!

Lauren Bedford is Brian Boyle's Model Girlfriend! (wiki, bio, photos)

Lauren Bedford is widely known swimsuit and model lingerie. Lauren has had a thing even with the king of modeling, Andy Roddick. It’s said that if only Sean Avery dated her, he would be just a sitting trainer in practice. Lauren’s portfolio shows she has done multiple magazine covers and lots of high-end shoots and lingerie work. She deserves the credit of the magazine covers queen having done about three fonts. In case you haven’t met her, she is about five foot blonde with the uncommon blue eyes.

Actually, her exact measurements are 34/25/35. You can get these measurements from the agency’s pages. And oh, on the dating part, what matters most is the girl’s personality. Not the dating decisions. Ask Brian!

Lauren Bedford body measurements:

Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5’8? / 1.725 m
BWH Measurements: (US) 34-25-35 / (EU) 86-64-89
Dress: (US) 4 / (EU) 34