January 15, 2021

Lisa Dergan Podsednik is Scott Podsednik’s Hot Model Wife (photos, wiki, bio, age)

Meet Lisa Dergan Podsednik! Lisa Dergan Podsednik is a renowned American model, media personality and a sports caster. She was born on august 10th 1970. (43 years old) She was born in Corpus Christi, Texas weighing 120 pounds and with a measurement of 5-foot-9 and now she is the hot wife of Scott Podsednik.Lisa Dergan is Scott Podsednik’s Hot Model Wife (photos, wiki, bio, age)

She studied in the University Of San Diego State University and graduated with a degree in Art history. During July 1998, she was playboy’s playmate of the month. She is widely known for displaying her 34 sweater kittens and manicured bush featured in the edition, which won her the playmate tittle in July 1998. Other than being a playboy star, she has established a firm career specifically in the area of sports casting and, and is Podsednik’s wife.

She appeared in James bond Midsummer Night’s doom by Raymond Benson. In the short story 007 visits the playboy mansion and she stands out by being the first person to get the special status “Bond Girl” after having a relationship with James Bond in the film.

In 2001 she was hired to work alongside Jim Hill at a sports show in KCBs in Los Angeles. This was her main breakthrough. In the same year, she costarred with fellow playmate Karen McDougal in the film “The Arena.” In 2002, she joined Fox sports Net and was at St. Pauli Girl in 2003. She interviewed well know sports men such as tiger woods, Chuck Liddell and John Elway amongst others.

She has also reported from the Kentucky Derby, Super Bowl and the US golf tournament.

Dergan has lived in Hawaii and San Diego and she currently lives in Los Angeles.

After Clipping Bay Dergan got married to Podsednik who is an established baseball player.

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Lisa Dergan is Scott Podsednik’s Hot Model Wife (photos, wiki, bio, age)