November 30, 2020

Megan Mcshane is Sean Lee’s Wife! (photos, wiki, bio)

Meet Megan Mcshane, Sean lee is Sean lee’s wife now! Sean lee missing the season was bad news and possibly a blow below the belt to The cowboy’s defense during the spring OTA’s in the torn ACL. Though the news is not very good news to the cowboy fans and players, all is not lost for Sean Lee’s wife Megan McShane. The couple, married in March 22, 2014, will have plenty of time together and have fun in the coming months.Megan Mcshane is  Sean Lee's Wife! (photos, wiki, bio) 2

Charity is a regular theme for Sean and Megan Lee. We admit that we’ve gone after athletes before for wedding registry websites, which can sometimes come across as tacky for multi-millionaires to be asking for gifts from family and friends in a very public forum. However, continuing the charitable vibe, Sean and Megan appear to be conscious of how this comes across! The couple’s wedding website has no link to registry, and no public appeal for gifts (like NFC East foe RGIII). In fact, the couple specifically states, “No gifts, please. We ask instead that you donate to” The fund has been set up to help a small girl within their community struggling with a rare condition (Tuberous Sclerosis Complex) resulting in multiple tumors and surgeries to correct. Many first hand accounts indicate the couple is completely down to earth – this does nothing to dispel that theory.Megan Mcshane is  Sean Lee's Wife! (photos, wiki, bio)

The couple has no children yet, but one dog, Finn Which Megan really adores, Infact,Megan doesn’t shy away from establishing the family hierarchy: “Finn’s my best friend. Sean’s my second best friend”