January 25, 2021

Porsha Williams is LeSean McCoy’s Girlfriend (wiki, bio, photos)

Meet Porsha Williams here! LeSean and Porsha are the ‘uneek’ names that one needs to get ready for. LeSean McCoy’s girlfriend, Porsha Williams is who is being referred to. Being Kordell Stewart’s ex-wife is what she is best known for. Porsha is now known for kissing LeSean in public and going out to various clubs with him. Her divorce with Kordell makes a very weird little tale indeed. Porsha Williams is LeSean McCoy's Girlfriend (wiki, bio, photos)At that time when the news of the divorce initially broke out, she was starring in the show, ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’. The BBC’s list of enriching as well as educational programs does not include Real Housewives by the way. The couple had been having problems in their marriage but it was decided by Porsha that she would stick to it as Kordell had said that he was willing to work on their marriage and would try to sort out whatever problems that they were having or facing. But unfortunately before he got around to telling her himself even , Porsha found out on the internet that Stewart had filed for a divorce. They had an agreement that was prenuptial and already in place as Porsha was no fool. Under the news of Porsha getting divorced by Stewart the comments that were generated aid: ‘He sucks as football and he sucks at marriage’.
Now the autobahn of love is again being cruised by Porsha , and this time LeSean is her co pilot. He definitely doesn’t suck at football and the year before 1607 rushing yards were recorded by him , which were definitely a career high for him. Their wedding would probably not be wanted by Porsha to be televised, provided that they get to that point. Also, that was considered to be another weird thing that she and Kordell did. “Platinum Weddings” was what the television show was called and some of the portions of the show are available for one to view on YouTube. For someone who has already watched them, they would implore those who have not, to not watch it.

The most nauseating Rand B music to ever have been heard by one is what has sound-tracked the whole thing and the worst part is that the entire production radiates an eerie superficiality that is glossy. For a person who spent more than a billion dollars on a wedding, the prenup definitely makes the real money move.