September 27, 2020

Rachael Cordingley, Carl Froch’s Model Girlfriend, 6 Things You Should Know! (photos, wiki, bio)

Meet Rachael Cordingley here! Rachael Cordingley is Carl Froch’s girlfriend and will be his fiancee! Just moments after George Croves was beaten by Carl Froch in one of the most hotly anticipated bouts in British boxing history, Carl Froch decided to take the chance and propose to his girlfriend Rachael Cordingley on the ring at Wembley stadium.Rachael Cordingley, Carl Froch's Girlfriend, 6 Things You Should Know! (photos, wiki, bio)

Minutes after he dramatically knocked off Groves out with a hammer of a right hook in the eighth round and definitely winning the bout, The Cobra got down on one knee in front of thousands of his fans.

Froch and stunning Rachael Cordingley already have two kids together: Rocco, who is three, and Natalia, who has just turned one.

Here are 6 things you should know about Rachael Cordingley!

Rachael Cordingley, Carl Froch's Girlfriend, 6 Things You Should Know 2 (photos, wiki, bio)

1. Rachael Cordingley confesses they first met with Carl through a mutual friend who thought they would get on well together. After speaking for just some hours on phone, she felt as if she had known him for years! She says it was a whirlwind romance. It may seem cheesy but they then met up in London and spent the weekend together; well, to clarify things, in a hotel but in separate rooms! They however never parted again and Rachael Cordingley came up to Nottingham and then travelled back to London for work..

2. Rachael Cordingley having modeled since she was 19, taking a step back and enjoying time with Rocco was great. She didn’t find it difficult as a modern woman juggling a glamorous career with motherhood. Rocco had just turned 2 so she would have definitely got back to working on it and train to get her figure back since she had added weight during her pregnancy. She has luckily managed to get back down to how she was before. Maybe a little lighter

3. She confesses it’s very stressful to see Carl fight and she doesn’t see him as much so she do miss him. On a scale of one to ten, she would bet it on 8. But Carl getting hurt doesn’t worry her. She knows how much Carl wants to win. Though Carl’s last fight Lucian Bute pleased her, when she watches it she cant still help but scream on the television even though she knows what will happen next

4. Talking of celebrity attention, and people dubbing her and Carl as the posh and becks of boxing, she denies that she always take the duels on the chin but just takes things as they come. Having done various magazines and newspapers together, she maintains they are still a low key couple since Carl doesn’t like that lifestyle. She says Carl just loves to play down to earth and maintain his passion for boxing.

5. When asked how Carl manages to handle the attention she receives as being the glamour girl, or whether she is moved by the female attention Carl may receive, she admits from time to time they get jealous. But she believes they have got each other and nothing can separate them. She confesses they laugh it off but ensures her presence is always known!

6. Growing up as a tomboy, she admits she never wanted to get married or have kids. She admits it was a total surprise to her family that she was expecting Rocco. But she says when you find the right person, everything just clicks to place. In future, she wants more boys with Carl. So, more kids with Carl?? Definitely yes! She answers excitedly.

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