February 26, 2021

Soot Zimmer is Don Zimmer’s Wife (wiki, bio, photos)

Meet Soot Zimmer, Soot Zimmer is Don Zimmer’s wife! Unfortunately, Baseball legend Don Zimmer died from heart surgery complications. Don Zimmer achieved what many cant. Having spent a whole 60 years in the game and in marriage, Soot Zimmer on Tampa bay times had a very nice answer on how to survive marriage for 6 decades.Soot Zimmer is Don Zimmer's Wife (wiki, bio, photos)

‘I don’t think my wife could stand me if I was home all day long. I don’t know how to pound a nail into a piece of wood or fix a toilet. Someone asked me how I stayed married for 60 years. I’m gone half the time.”

Zimmer spent 61 years in professional baseball, first as a player for 12 seasons. But later returned to the bigs in 1972 after a short while and started managing the San Diego Padres. Don Zimmer spent his last 23 years coaching Red Sox, Yankees, Rays and Rockies. You can always find Soot Zimmer at the side of Don Zimmer to give him the maximum supports. Soot Zimmer is Don Zimmer's Wife (wiki, bio, photos) 2

Reports about Soot Zimmer as a “special lady”! I found this old news report in Google that introduced the love story of Soot Zimmer and Don Zimmer and called Zimmer as a “special lady”.Soot Zimmer is Don Zimmer's Wife (wiki, bio, photos) news reportSoot Zimmer is Don Zimmer's Wife (wiki, bio, photos) news report 2

Don Zimmer passed when he was 83.

Soot Zimmer and Don Zimmer’s love story (youtube video)